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There are so many ways to change up your look with color. Balayage, foil, highlights – whatever color you like, we can do it! The hair colorists at Luscious & Co in Connecticut are formally trained in the most advanced color correcting services. Our experience is especially handy for guests that have experienced uneven tone, uneven bleaching, or even an at-home color job gone wrong. The colorists at Luscious & Co have combined experience of over 60 years in the color industry. We have seen shifting industry trends, color, and techniques, but one thing has remained the same, and that is our commitment to healthy hair. Quite often, excessive coloring takes a toll on the vitality of hair. Usually due to overexposure of chemicals, hair can feel dry, brittle, or even broken. Our team of color specialists combine the benefits of micro-misting or steaming with their color correcting techniques. Every color appointment at Luscious & Co is met with honesty, integrity, patience, and a plan to do what is right for each guest. If you have experienced color gone wrong, schedule your private complimentary consultation with our Color Correcting specialists in Connecticut to create a plan for you.

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If my heart had hair, it would be blonde. At Luscious & Co we specialize in all kinds of blondes. The industry is changing, and blondes are brighter and bolder than ever. With this evolution, the colorists at Luscious & Co have the opportunity to explore uncharted territory. Some clients are moving away from traditional foil highlights, and are now moving into hand painted techniques such as Balayage. We have even combined the two techniques for a beautiful foiliage.

Regardless of the technique, Luscious & Co is trained and experienced in caring for blondes. Beyond the tone, the application and technique will help us deliver your dream golden locks. Our colorists in New Canaan and Shelton serve all of the surrouding areas including Trumbull, Fairfield, Stamford, and Norwalk.

Hey brunette, black, or redhead babes! If you take your tone seriously, we can’t wait to meet you. A few things to note: There are thousands of rich color combinations available and no clients are the exact same. We take pride in creating unique, customized color working with your dimension. Whether you are concerned with grey coverage or want a more vibrant tone, our experienced team of CT Hair Colorists are excited to work with you to achieve your dream hair.
So you decided to try a home coloring kit (yes, we blame COVID too!), and the results are much to be desired. Step one, stop everything you are doing, and call a professional. The colorists at Luscious & Co are highly skilled in correcting techniques.

These may involve a quick fix, such as changing the tone of your color, but sometimes a color correction can be a complex science that requires several sessions. We approach every color correction with extreme care, caution, and honesty. If you’ve experienced uneven tone, color or need to speak to a specialist, we are happy to help!

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