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Hair Services from CT’s Premier Salon

A cosmetologist completing a hair coloring treatment in New Canaan

Your Hair, Made Luscious.

Your hair is perhaps your most important accessory, and we take the responsibility of caring for it very seriously. We are committed to providing you the satisfaction and joy that comes from a great haircut or rich new color. Luscious & Co in Connecticut is proud to be certified in Cezanne Keratin treatments, Balayage, Corrective Color, and other advanced color techniques. We are always ready to explore your vision, and are committed to making your hair shine from the outside in!

Tiered Pricing Means Fair Pricing.

You have the right to choose what’s important to YOU.

Some clients prefer experienced stylists, others prefer affordability.

Here, you are the boss, and will only pay for the amount of time we need to achieve your look. You choose your stylist, we provide you with a clear hourly rate before the job begins.

Luscious & Co Hair Services:


The hair colorists at Luscious & Co are formally trained in the most advanced color correcting services. This comes especially in handy for guests that have experienced uneven tone, uneven bleaching, or even an at-home color job gone wrong. Color Correcting is a science, and requires the skill of a highly trained color specialist.


Our belief in healthy hair sits as the crown jewel of our client commitment. With award winning steam and micro mist treatments, the Luscious & Co staff is trained to restore your hair to its peak integrity. We take a gentle and honest approach to hair restoration. If you yearn for the days of healthy, vibrant, strong hair, we have the right solution for you.


Our team knows texture! From mixed curl patterns to
managing unruly coarse hair, we have the experience and
knowledge you’ve been looking for. We use only the best silicone-free, sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free nourishing salon and retail products for every hair texture.


It all starts with style! Whether you’ve had the same hairdo for years or like to change things up frequently, our talented and creative stylists can achieve the look you’re after. It’s amazing how transformative a simple blowout or chic new style can be, and our team is here with decades of experience to find the style that suits your taste, lifestyle, face shape, and age.

Let the experienced and talented team at Luscious & Co help you transform your look.

Not quite sure what you’re looking for? The team at Luscious & Co are known for their creativity and collaboration with clients. Meet with us and let’s talk about how we can get you looking and feeling LUSCIOUS!

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